GDNet has been created by Gilles Dufour. A network engineer from Cisco Systems with 20+ years of experience in networking, programming, scripting and troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting is an art. There is a huge difference between finding a way to make it work and searching to understand the problem. With the complete knowledge of an issue, you can find the most appropriate solution for your system. You can determine the impact of the problem and decide what action to take and when. While with just a way to make it work, you can't say if the problem will come back. You can't guarantee that your solution will always work. This is true in networking. But it applies to every problem you are trying to solve.

For as long as I can remember, it has always been my phylisophy. Understand first. Act next.

I started GDNet when EVS asked me to help them solve slow video transfer between MAC OS client and Redhat SAN server. It was a long journey. We tested many protocols like SAMBA, Netatalk, NFS, ... I extended netatalk from single thread to multi-threads. Added block caching, directory cache, ...

The collaboration with EVS was good, and after the initial project, I developped and implemented their first SAN monitoring system. Then I worked on the next generation of the monitoring tool before designing and working on the Video over IP router. The research to find the best route selection algorithm was a nice challenge.

After 8 years of collaboration with EVS, it was time to move to a new challenge. DIM3 needed some advice on best practices to secure their IoT communications. A good experience. And a good way to put in practice my security expertise